Acure Organics Review

I am a huge DIY person. From body care to shampoo, to zines, and everything else in between. I love to do it myself. So it takes A LOT for me to let go of that. My part time job is lovely because I get to see lots of fair trade and ethical products and . . . Read More

How to Partner with Amazing Companies

So you have a blog set up, you have a company name, you wrote a few blog posts, but you want to go BIGGER. Being a blogger is one of the best things you can do in regards to networking and connecting with amazing individuals – and *cough cough* awesome companies. Living a BellaVie means . . . Read More

Success – What People Forget to Say

DIY or DIY together? When it actually came to starting an online business – whether it was selling zines, doing consulting, or making ecourses – I started to do it myself. Something that I am a big advocate for – especially in regards to education. But I realize that I just do not KNOW everything . . . Read More