5 Things That Will Make 2014 Your Best Year

I feel that 2014 is going to be a year of growth, learning, and clarity. At least, that’s what my Tarot Cards say! What are your intentions for 2014? Finally building that side business? Finally travel to France? Signing up for that photography course you kept putting off? Well here are 5 things that will . . . Read More

How You Can Begin to DIY Your Education

Student loans, lack of hard and soft skills, and a crappy job market. As a Millennial I keep wondering what the future will hold for our generation. I see a huge gap between what is being taught in schools and what people are actually using to make a living.     It looks bleak doesn’t . . . Read More

Coming Home from Romania

I’m back from Romania! It was a wonderful experience meeting all of my relatives who I’ve never met before. I grew up with the stories but now having been there – it’s even more real. Romania is a beautiful country with mountains, hills, deltas, forests, and everything you would ever want to see. The old . . . Read More