DIY Education Resource Review: Mango Languages

May 15, 2013 | 1 comment

Learning new languages can be really easy (WHAT?) when you surround yourself with the resources and reminders necessary to make them stick. I’m currently learning Chinese. And I wanted to share one of the best FREE resources I have found online.



Go to your local library and check with your librarian if Mango is available.

No, not the yummy fruit. But the best language learning program ever.

And if it is not, direct them to the MangoLanguages website. If your library does have it, which most likely it does, log in with your library card.

Learning a language with Mango is easy, and it is one of the best educational resources I have found to help people from all levels of language learning. For the self-directed learner out there – this is the tool.

The language learning process is broken down into chapters and you are guided through real pronunciations, repetition, and actual phrase building. After each chapter you finish up multiple phrases that you can use.

Not only that, you learn words to create your own phrases! With just an hour every day so far, I’ve finished up the first lesson block of chapters and am halfway through the second lesson block.

Whether it be for work, school, or your next adventure. Check your local library for this awesome resource that really gets the language across. What’s more attractive than being multilingual?

Let me know what language you want to learn in the comments!