How I Got A Cheap Roundtrip Ticket for My Romania Adventure

July 28, 2013 | no comments

My next adventure has been booked and I’m basically having a countdown on Facebook. Next week I’m going to visit my family’s home country of Romania. If you don’t know much about the country – check out this amazing documentary.

(Make sure you watch it in full HD glory)

My luggage is all packed and my ticket is bought, I’ll be there for 3 weeks visiting relatives and filming every moment I can. I just stocked up on Class 10 HD SD cards for George, my camera.

Things have been hectic since it’s the last week of summer classes, and work has been nonstop – both blog and at the health store – which is good. But I still managed to hack my next adventure. How?

Secret Weapon Number 1

The Travel Hacking Cartel – This is my go to knowledge base of deals, flights, and points. I make travel a priority in my life and so I invested in this. I also spent time researching about the different alliances, connections, and how to use points for free tickets. You could have access to all the info for $1 for 15 days – just to get a taste of what it takes to get those free tickets. The cartel was created by one of my favorite bloggers ever – Chris Guillebeau, who visited every single country in the world.

Secret Weapon Number 2

Multilevel Airline Searches   – Finding cheap flights takes time and effort and patience. But it pays off in the end. That’s how I got my $680 RT trip from Chicago To Shanghai and my $800 RT trip to Romania. Skyscanner is my favorite!

Secret Weapon Number 3

Rewards Cards – Rewards Credit Cards are the way to rack up points and get discounts or redeemable free points from purchases you make on everyday things. I just got the American Express Travel card in June and was able to get $100 off my ticket to Romania

These are the main ways that I find my affordable flights and adventures. There are hardcore travel hackers around but I’m just diving in as much as I need to right now. I hope that these secret weapons can help you on your next adventure.

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