How to Partner with Amazing Companies

November 26, 2013 | 2 comments

So you have a blog set up, you have a company name, you wrote a few blog posts, but you want to go


Being a blogger is one of the best things you can do in regards to networking and connecting with amazing individuals – and *cough cough* awesome companies.

Living a BellaVie means creating win wins for everyone you work with, contribute to, and collaborate with. There has to be an equal energy exchange. So let’s get bigger.

How to Get Together with an Amazing Company (Or Entrepreneur)

After much research, a lot of trial and error and learning about how to effectively network with other creative people. I’m going to spill the beans, without you necessarily having to read any Tim Ferris book (even though I highly recommend this one).

Are you ready?


It’s going to blow your mind.

No really. 


Okay, I’ll stop.


WRITE THEM AN E-MAIL! (or snail mail)

Okay, okay too good to be true? Well, have you written them an e-mail or a letter saying how much you love their product or how much their book really helped you in your business? NO?

People Love GOOD News

Think about this. You know those labels on the back of almost any food product that say call us at this number for blah blah blah? 

When do people use that number? To COMPLAIN. It was the wrong color, it smelled funny, it is not what I asked for.

So… Sending even a remote thank you is something completely different and a GOOD surprise. So you want to partner with an amazing company or individual?

E-mail them and tell them how awesome they are. Create win-win opportunities for both of you. This is how I partnered with the awesome Acure Organics. In the upcoming months I will be posting a little bit more about why they are awesome and how your business can grow with partnerships!

  • Ribbons and Red Tape Blog

    Love how simple and effective this tip is- look forward to your upcoming posts on growing with win-win partnerships (with integrity!) Corinna

    • admin

      Thanks Corinne! Glad it was useful for you and I can’t wait to hear about your partnership :)