3 Super Foods to Super Boost You

When it comes to your health – it’s the little things you do, think, and consume throughout the day that will make you feel either   OR   So let’s talk about the top 3 super foods you can start using daily to boost your health and your overall well-being, shall we?   1. Goji . . . Read More

5 Things That Will Make 2014 Your Best Year

I feel that 2014 is going to be a year of growth, learning, and clarity. At least, that’s what my Tarot Cards say! What are your intentions for 2014? Finally building that side business? Finally travel to France? Signing up for that photography course you kept putting off? Well here are 5 things that will . . . Read More

How listening to World Music makes you smarter

*Brace yourself, my hipster side is going to show pretty badly on this post* Okay, all the anti-hipster folks gone? GOOD. What’s wrong with liking world music, exotic foods, dressing well, and being eco-conscious? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I’m typing up this blog post as I’m cutting out DIY stickers (Thank you Rookie Mag!) and listening . . . Read More

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