Success – What People Forget to Say

DIY or DIY together? When it actually came to starting an online business – whether it was selling zines, doing consulting, or making ecourses – I started to do it myself. Something that I am a big advocate for – especially in regards to education. But I realize that I just do not KNOW everything . . . Read More

How To Make European Elderberry Syrup

The seasons are changing and people are already getting the snifflies and sneezings. I want to share a traditional European medicine that you can make at home with only a few ingredients so you can stay healthy this season. Growing up I would always take a spoonful of honey with lemon when I was feeling . . . Read More

Creating a New Conversation About Money

Let’s talk about money. Dirty, awesome, rich-making, selfish people having MONEY. Whatever your thoughts are about money write them down. This is a great exercise getting you aware of your subconscious thoughts about money and why you have or do not have as we say “ENOUGH.” – Do you have  a positive experience with money? . . . Read More

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