Success – What People Forget to Say

November 12, 2013 | no comments

DIY or DIY together?

When it actually came to starting an online business – whether it was selling zines, doing consulting, or making ecourses – I started to do it myself. Something that I am a big advocate for – especially in regards to education.

But I realize that I just do not KNOW everything (as much as I would like to). And there are people that really love and are passionate about the things that I am not that good at. So why not offer them the opportunity to grow by collaborating with them?

For my business I reached out for several things:

  1. Blog Design
  2. Graphics for Products
  3. Business and Legalese
  4. Accountability

October Experiment

So a super cool thing happened in October. You can find out more about it here.

At the end of the month 3 women from around the world as well as myself completed business goals – opening Etsy shops, re-discovered self-care, and overcame technology hurdles.


I’m inviting only devoted and motivated women to join the BellaVie Circle to get their projects down and work TOGETHER in creating something meaningful that will make an impact. There are so many amazing ideas that you may have – pick one. Bring it to the circle.

Perpetual Learning

Successful people all have something in common – after reading a variety of books on the subject, being part of a lot of self-development courses, and working with coaches – successful people ask for help.

Did you hear that DIYers? Don’t know how to code that website?

Ask for help! 

This has taken a while for me to get used to. But after being part of The BellaVie Circle and learning not just from the experience and launch, but also from my clients. I learn so much from them!

Speaking of which – one of the lovely ladies happens to be a Thiel Fellows mother and amazing advocate for life-long and perpetual learning. You should check out her site!

What’s something that has been blocking you that you can ask for help in?