Travel Hacking: Cheap Flights, DIY Itineraries, Amazing Experiences

February 14, 2013 | no comments

Travel Hacking: An activity freeing individuals from the limiting belief that adventure is expensive and impossible

Now how do you get to the epic feeling of freedom that travel hacking brings? I can show you how through my  latest zine that will be available on Etsy –  February 25th. However, in the meantime I want to share with you how travel hacking has changed my life.

Planes, Trains, Bicycles

I don’t care what you say about visualizations and affirmations. They work. Those that tell you otherwise are not dreaming hard enough – or putting in the work necessary. I came upon travel hacking from one of my favorite authors, Chris Guillebeau, in his book The Art of Non-Conformity. I think he has two more countries and he has visited every country in the world. Yeah I know, right? 


I read his book and decided that I would fly away. I don’t care if it’s impossible, I will. Immediately after I graduated high school, I applied for my citizenship and after that loooong, grueling process – I applied for my passport. Step 1 – complete.

Every day when I would walk through my neighborhood, go grocery shopping, or stop at the library I would hear that distant engine of an airplane above me. I would visualize myself in that plane, I would be flying towards awesome destinations. Sounds corny, but I would believe it with every fiber of my being. Step 2 – complete.

Now, money. Money – mah favorite subject! I had to actually look at what I kept spending on. Being a college student, I was not on the most extravagant of budgets. So I simply packed a lunch every day, started looking at the skills I had and developed them – did some freelancing- and voila! Savings appeared. I needed exactly $680 for my roundtrip ticket from Chicago to China and back. I had a friend that I could couchsurf, so hotels were not a big spending issue. But the plans were in place. Step 3 – complete.

3 Important Travel Prep Tips

1. Research. Yes, research. It’s so critical to making things easier in the long run.

2. Accountability buddy. This is someone that will help you stick to our goal. You can keep declaring “I will do this, that, or the other” but without someone checking in with you, that can be quite difficult.

3. Couchsurfing. Goes with research, but it’s really important you pick the right people or place to stay at. Check out the reviews, talk to other experienced travelers and you’ll avoid any cultural differences that may arise.

Tell Me!

What advice do you wish you knew before you went out and traveled?