Why You're Doing Social Media Wrong – And What You Can Do About It

June 9, 2013 | 1 comment

All Prepared?

You have your Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and a bunch of other social media sites all set up. You post occasionally, or not at all. It feels like another chore on your infinite to-do list, right?

Well, I’m here to tell you otherwise.

DIY Social Media

I got into social media for fun, I loved making Youtube videos, networking, and finding like-minded people. That’s what it’s all about really. Making friends and helping each other grow as a business.

Instead of another thing to add to your to-do list why not see it as a new friend discovery tool, or a new way of finding likeminded clients. Or how about just learning new stuff? Bloggers and artists are perpetual learners – so this is the perfect opportunity to find out more about the niche or subject!

Still feeling overwhelmed?

Top 5 Things To Consider About Social Media

1. Sometimes you need to sit down and get clear about what your intentions are with your social media – are you doing it because everyone else is? Do you want to create a community? Need more followers? Let’s schedule a DIY Social Media Action Session to get clear and get results without the stress!

2. Just because everyone else is on Twitter (or enter other social network) does not mean you have be if it doesn’t feel right. Love Pinterest? Start pinning useful and inspiring boards that you love that go with your brand! It’s a win-win. Use the social media networks that you LIKE using.

3. If you’re completely new to social media it may be a completely new frontier for you. Consider checking out Content Rules from your local library, or purchasing The Artist’s Guide to Social Media  my newly released guide for just starting out on social media.

4. What content do you create? If you’re a videographer, maybe you should be on Vimeo or Stage32. Are you a Mama Blogger? Consider joining The Better Blogger Network or Leonie’s Biz and Life Academy to connect with likeminded women.

5. The world needs your stories, gifts and voice. Social media is a tool to reach out the the people that need to hear it! Mastering the art of social media for self is important so that your voice will be heard by the right people. Always remember that!

  • Cindy Jones Lantier

    Thanks so much for sharing these tips. I love that I can begin to look at Social Media as a “friend finding tool” rather than a chore!