How To Pack like a Minimalist

When I left for college, I attempted to pile every worldly possession I had accumulated over the course of seventeen years into a wooden trailer that my dad hitched to the back of his truck. I wanted to transfer my entire high school life into half of a cramped freshman dorm room. Scenarios played out . . . Read More

Digital Nomad 101 for the World Traveling Woman

So you’ve seen all the fantastic workation pictures on Instagram and think that the digital nomad thing looks pretty cool, but you have no idea how to actually make something like that happen. Or maybe you tried it once and it turned out to be the worst trip ever (even counting that one where you . . . Read More

5 Things You Must Do in Kunming, China

When I was working in Kunming there was always something to do. I like to share things that are not too touristy, and they may be off the beaten path. Yunnan province by itself should have a whole book, but for a great time while you’re abroad here are my top 5 things to do . . . Read More

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